Years and years ago, in a Pre-She She world, a boyfriend’s naked bum was too cute not to capture permanently with some paint and paper. For years this bum worked on different projects, but always hoped that he could fulfill his creative destiny and become a wallpaper.

Then, as the handsome boy resurfaced, so did the painting of his bum. In those blessed years between the first bum and now, lessons were learned and love and respect was developed for so many more people from all walks of life.

So, in the spirit of inclusivity as well as learned wisdom, we realized that bums of all shapes and sizes were in fact perfect and ideal, not just this one.

And so, said bum was joined by and immortalized with many other respected bums from our lives to be shared with all of you.

She She Bums Custom Wallpaper 4.JPG
She She Bums Custom Wallpaper 6.JPG
She She Bums Custom Wallpaper 3.JPG