“I wanted something feminine, something fun - something celebratory.”


I love dining.

This is something that I have said over and over in my life - it usually gets a big laugh mixed with a few “you’re so high maintenance” side-eyes thrown in my direction.

That being said, it’s totally true.  Sitting around a dinner table with the loves of my life, laughing and drinking is attached to most of the memories i hold dearest to my heart and label as “favorites.”

As a result, my dining room holds energy from all sorts of engagements - the best and the worst.

For a long time, I was obsessed with hanging onto all of these memories.  I wanted to keep all those memories alive, even if they weren’t bringing anything positive to my life.  This functional space became a haven for moments I claimed to no longer care about - yet, when I was passing through, I felt the tingly tangles and I secretly loved it.

One day, I got over it.  Who knows why - but, out of nowhere I took the painting off the wall that I claimed was giving me strength and stared at my bare white walls.  It felt better. I spent the day working away at my dining room table, feeling all hyper and motivated and full of emotions.

Kate “the tot” Worum inevitably got a call a few hours later : “Kate, I want to do my dining room.”

Being the supportive, positive gal she is, she said, “let’s do it.”

Now, what to paint??  I wanted something feminine, something fun - something celebratory.

So, chandeliers it was.

Dinner parties are better than ever on blaisdell - stop on over for some bonding.

- Jennifer