Dorothy’s Floral

“Gals, I need your help!  My sad bathroom needs more life!”

Dorothy called us out of the blue and in her smooth Southern drawl said, “Gals, I need your help!  My sad bathroom needs more life!” We drove out to meet her and see her space and instantly asked permission from her to never leave.  We were greeted with hugs and one of the most beautiful and unexpected views we had ever seen. After a full tour of the inside of her home (which happens to include an entire walk-out basement dedicated to an artist’s studio) we ventured outdoors, wine in hand to stroll through the garden.  This garden - it went on forever - we’re flower people and there were so many flowers that we had never seen, so many edible flowers we’d never eaten, so many vegetables we’d never heard of. We loved Dorothy.

There was no way that we weren’t celebrating her gorgeous land and heart-felt garden inside of her home so our favorite flowers, Purple Milkweed and Stiff Goldenrod moved inside and hopefully brings all the sunshine and positive, sweet energy that radiates from Dorothy herself into her new space.