Hotel Lora

"The hotel gets its name from a poem about the beautiful sea nymph, Lore Lay.”

Hotel Lora is gorgeous and we can’t believe that our work is included in such a unique space.  We hand-painted an abstracted loon wing in their coffee shop, Made Coffee and we made a custom pattern that we had printed in two color ways for their Long Goodbye Bar.  The hotel gets its name from a poem about the beautiful sea nymph, Lore Lay. This strong woman was betrayed by her sweetheart and was then accused of bewitching men and causing their death, and as a result got sent to a nunnery. On the way there she passed what is now called the Lorelei rock and asked permission to climb it and view the Rhine one last time. They allowed it and while on top of the rock (a true romantic), thinks that she sees her love (the one who betrayed her) in the Rhine and falls to her death; the story goes that the rock still retained an echo of her name afterwards, thus the naming of Hotel Lora on the banks of the St.Croix River.

When they told us this was their inspiration we were like, Lorelai could have been our friend, we have so much in common!  So, we re-created the constellations that sit in the sky above Hotel Lora in Stillwater as tribute for the printed wallpaper at their Long Goodbye Bar.

Architectural Digest recently included Lora in their list of the 15 Best-Designed Hotels Opening This Summer -  we nearly died of excitement.

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