"calla lily" by jennifer jorgensen

Glinda the Good Witch once said, “you had the power all along my dear.”  wise words.

Fall has arrived and while cliché, new seasons always tend to literally bring new ways of thought.

we were tasked by the talented hustling women at Wit & Delight to create a pattern for the launch of Sherwin Williams’ new color line.  without any discussion the first idea that poured out of both of us was that this pattern was going to be about waking up to change.  change in the most thrilled way; happiness about moving forward and owning wherever you are at in your life.  maybe it was fall, maybe it was moodiness, but we were both all in on this point.

the more we chatted through the design, we decided that since the passion was there, it needed to be hand-painted, which quickly spun into finding a wall, which then brought us back to our second install, Paco Y Maria.  

we designed and painted that wall when we were in completely different phases of our life.  that wallpaper was supposed to bring us our next great loves - Paco and Maria were going to team up and send all the good men our way and we were going to ride off into the sunset.

it glaringly hit us in the face that we had outgrown that phase of life, yes - we both found new loves but they’ve come and gone, and miraculously, we weren’t left loveless - we both had love left because as it turns out, those smart little parrots,  Paco and Maria actually brought us love for ourselves.

both of us having a bit of flair for the dramatic decided that our second and beloved install should be re-born into something that makes more sense for us in the present - so, out came the primer and the bright blue wall full of birds and all things San Francisco is now forever hidden under an omniscient layer of bright, pure white.  that feel good pain of when someone pulls your hair, but you secretly like it washed over us and there was no turning back.

cue, “Calla Lily.”

calla lilies are symbols of rebirth and resurrection and due to the fact that they kind of look like a trumpet, they also somehow represent triumph.  so, the calla lilies got mixed into soft, but powerful feminine figures creating a pattern that is peaceful, cozy, and fulfilled - possibly the best trio of words ever.

the simple yet sophisticated line-work and color ways were derived from travels to the Southwest and Morocco - the vibe we were going for was, you know, a little disheveled and dusty but so pretty you don’t even notice.

our stylish pal Stef brought a bunch of her hand-picked goods over from her company Arden Trading Co. to style’er up for the photoshoot and voila!  we had a new bedroom, a new pattern and a new outlook for Fall.

"lora hotel" by jennifer jorgensen

Hotel Lora is gorgeous and we can’t believe that our work is included in such a unique space.  We hand-painted an abstracted loon wing in their coffee shop, Made Coffee and we made a custom pattern that we had printed in two color ways for their Long Goodbye Bar.  the hotel gets its name from a poem about the beautiful sea nymph, Lore Lay.  this strong woman was betrayed by her sweetheart and was then accused of bewitching men and causing their death, and as a result got sent to a nunnery. On the way there she passed what is now called the Lorelei rock and asked permission to climb it and view the Rhine one last time. they allowed it and while on top of the rock (a true romantic), thinks that she sees her love (the one who betrayed her) in the Rhine and falls to her death; the story goes that the rock still retained an echo of her name afterwards, thus the naming of Hotel Lora on the banks of the St.Croix River. 

when they told us this was their inspiration we were like, Lorelai could have been our friend, we have so much in common!  so, we re-created the constellations that sit in the sky above Hotel Lora in Stillwater as tribute for the printed wallpaper at their Long Goodbye Bar.

Architectural Digest recently included Lora in their list of the 15 Best-Designed Hotels Opening This Summer - we nearly died of excitement.

"facebook" by jennifer jorgensen

when Facebook asks you to create a pattern for them to display at mia in forty-eight hours, you put on you big girl pants and say, “sure.”

the design turned into a toile-esque print that highlighted our favorite places in Minneapolis - our favorite neighborhoods, restaurants and even our own homes. the list that formed during our brainstorming session tuned into quite the distraction as we told stories and pitched why the latest place was iconic enough to be included in the final pattern.

we stayed up late painting into the night, listening to music and recounting our memories to each other.

we’ve got ourselves quite a fine city, we really do.

"eclipse nursery" by jennifer jorgensen

this cool couple contacted us to create a pattern for the nursery awaiting the newest member of their family so we asked them as we do all of our clients, “do you have any ideas for the design?” they were open to all of our ideas but happened to slide in the fact that they made their soon to be bundle of joy on the day of the eclipse - we of course took this and ran without looking back. the design ended up being creative, unique and thoughtful just like this magical couple.

"marvin windows" by jennifer jorgensen

we couldn't have fallen more in love with our latest client, Marvin Windows.  

you know how you frequently hear the phrase, "family run business" and it goes in one ear and out the other?  well, marvin windows actually is a family run business (for real) and as far as the people who don't come with the marvin name?  well, you wouldn't know it because they are treated and treat everyone as if they are in fact family.  

they have maintained the ideals that the company was founded on to this day and when you talk to them you can feel how much their history means to them, so their custom pattern easily poured out of us.  in 1968, they coined the phrase ”built for northern winters and southern charm,” based off the idea that “you cannot have a yellow rose flourishing without an ideal environment and that the wood and insulating glass of Marvin Windows would be able to provide just that ‘perfect environment’ that the yellow rose needed.”

now, blend that with some of the sweetest people you've ever met and the gift of creative freedom and you've got yourself the perfect client :)

"delta faucet" by jennifer jorgensen

two minnesota gals got tasked to create a collection of patterns revolving around water, a bustling city and design - it turns out that we grew up with lakes everywhere we looked, are constantly looking to jet out of our own adorable city to ones that are much more bustling and both happen to have created lives for ourselves that revolve around all things design.  

Delta Faucet, it was a match made in heaven.

two new product lines were being launched, so we analyzed the design of the faucets and fixtures as well as the patterns that flowing water creates.  we then set these ideas in the Chicago landscape to ground and bind the patterns together to create a cohesive collection.

once all of the patterns were created we hopped on a fight to Chicago to make about twenty new friends and talk architecture and design for the weekend.  

our new friends were influencers from all over the country who were there to learn about the new product launch.  they were tasked to create a mood-board out of the photos they took while touring Chicago accented by our collection of patterns.  the winning mood-board would win a remodel in the room of their choice, including the new fixtures as well as our patterns!

it turns out, they couldn’t choose just one, so, Dabito of Old Brand New and Kim + Scott of Yellow Brick Home ended up with new spaces filled with SheShe in addition to Delta using our pattern based off of the Marina City Building in their marketing for the launch.

seeing the lives of these patterns become a reality was a dream come true as was the entire design and presentation experience.  

Delta Faucet, we can’t wait to work with you again! xx.

"dried flora" by jennifer jorgensen

the fun-loving and real Skorich family of the Minikahda Vista neighborhood, let us invade their home until the wee hours of the morning for a few nights earlier this Winter to put the finishing touch on their whole-house remodel they worked on with Christian Dean Architecture.  

the idea came to them when (pre-remodel) their two adorable sons decided to take their markers to the wall in the kitchen to create their own wallpaper.  after living with their creation for a while, they realized that while they weren’t desiring the work of their adorable scribble monsters, they did like the idea of a more thought-out line work installation.

what cool parents, right?  additionally, in case you were still on the fence about the cool factor intensity of this pair, i have a story for you.  one night while we were painting until around midnight, they stayed up with us in the kitchen chatting and making art of their own.  our clients don’t usually craft with us, so we loved it - they were hand making Halloween costumes for their kiddos, a cute little date night in their kitchen.  what were the costumes you ask?  

they were toilets.  

their kids wanted to be toilets for Halloween and when they couldn’t find the costumes, they created their own - they were probably the best costumes that I have ever seen. just amazing.

anyway, we kept it simple with black and white line-work to compliment the modern aesthetic of their newly created remodel and added a few green accent colors for a touch of whimsy and warmth while maintaining a natural, subtle aesthetic.

the design was also installed in the front mudroom to the right of the front door tying the spaces together and creating unity throughout the house.  we love it and we love them!

"le petit garçon" by jennifer jorgensen

we see it as quite an honor when accomplished creatives hand over the reigns and believe in She She enough to allow us to create for them.  Lauren and Ben Stauffer gave us this exact opportunity and turned out to be so fun and easy to work with throughout the entire wallpaper design process.

Lauren is a home decor trend forecaster and designer at Target Corporate and she provided us with mood boards, a refined color palette, and had icon ideas ready from our first meeting.

in her words, “We were looking to create a modern mid-century nursery that was still playful and cozy, and flowed well with the rest of our house. We loved using quirky colors like mint and mustard together, and were inspired by fun geometric shapes. We also wanted to incorporate elements of ourselves like travel and sailing.”

ben, an accomplished video editor put his talents to use in the decor of the nursery as well,  framing numerous photographs that he had taken to be used as the art on the walls which we then incorporated into the illustrative icons in the wallpaper.

we loved working with these two and hope that little Sidney Stauffer appreciates the sloth we insisted on inserting between the sailboat and Eiffel Tower as much as we do.

"ditch.gallery" by jennifer jorgensen

it seems that everywhere we look right now, there is a source of discomfort and struggle.  the last thing that we want to do in a time of instability is to ignore the problem, so in an attempt to  bring a smile to everyone’s face as the end of summer nears, we have designed a wallpaper collection that while lively and fun on the outside, is a modern reflection of the Summer of Love, acknowledging what our country was and still is experiencing in its current climate.

the Summer of Love was in 1967.  this was FIFTY years ago.  half a century.

somehow we are still fighting the same fights, fifty years later.  that’s crazy.

the 60’s and 70's produced piles of beautiful imagery which were a result of the turmoil and passion that was created via the protests and emotional upheaval felt by a large population of Americans reacting to their desire for equality and the eradication of oppression.

hey, 2017, let’s all warm up to each other - welcome different styles, different colors; accept different religions, different races; acknowledge that despite our differences we are all capable of creating something greater together.

"paikka" by jennifer jorgensen

two more lady bosses got added to our list of inspiring clients this past week.  marlo and angie of Paikka turned an old, industrial space into one of the most on-trend and desired event spaces in the twin cities.  these two modern and ambitious ladies put their trust in us and let us have fun creating their pattern with hardly any direction - we loved it and love them for it. 

the pattern was meant to be imperfect and casual, with a hint of unique mark-making.  we took this idea and ran straight to MCAD to start our “bonding while mono-printing” adventure.  mono-printing is one of those time consuming, yet addicting arts.  all of a sudden your playlist runs out and you realize you have been preparing the same pattern for two hours and you have no idea how the time passed so quickly.

Paikka’s laid back attitude surrounding their commissioned artwork translates directly to the way their business functions.  they made sure that Paikka could adapt to any type of event by putting everything in the space on wheels.  we painted their movable office pod, that acts as a backdrop for photographs, but opens up so that Marlo + Angie can have a quiet space to work during events, as well as get out of the way of the epic parties going on right outside their door.

the Paikka space feels like a calm little respite but is also exciting and bursting with energy - you really want to hang out in the space.  it’s so great!  we would know, we spent a few hours there (wink, wink).  


"the bluebird group" by jennifer jorgensen

The Bluebird Group is self described as being “fanatical about innovative products that can change how consumers live their life, and about helping customers experience the very best of them.”

being the first thing their clients will see when walking into their office, this custom wallpaper needed to embody all of these characteristics and more.

they are certainly everything they say they are, but something that they don’t mention is the energy that you feel in every meeting with them.  they’re really, really fun.

let me paint you a picture, we’re all standing around their kitchen island.  we’re bouncing ideas off of each other, drinking our LaCroix (their fridge is always stocked), and someone flies into the kitchen on an electric hoverboard (probably to grab their own LaCroix)  - no one from The Bluebird Group bats an eye - it’s just another relaxed meeting in the kitchen, and they’ve got a lot to do, so they have to do what they can to get back to their desk swiftly.

they’re always smiling and cracking jokes while slaying their game.  it’s infectious and we wanted to make sure everyone (including their own humble, northern personalities) knew how great we believe them to be.

thus, the northern - chinoiserie Bluebird Group pattern was born. it’s bright and bold, but depicts simple, pastoral scenes from their northern roots - evoking an energy representative of the innovative products they represent, their employees and their clients.

"black magik woman III" by jennifer jorgensen

we couldn't wait to produce some art with Sarah White, a local photographer and renaissance woman, when we were paired with her for the third annual Black Magik Woman art show.

historically, “The Three Graces” has been a symbol of grace, charm & beauty. three words that historically, a “woman” should hope to embody in life. “the three graces” was commonly depicted by artistic masters such as Raphael, Antonio Canova, Rubens + Botticelli.

when we asked our intelligent, successful muses what words they would use to describe themselves, none of these words came up. instead, the words that appeared included: free, strong, independent, flow, rising, thriving...

these words came as no surprise to us as these are the words that would commonly pop into our mind to describe them as well as ourselves.

the idea of what women should be as well as what they strive to be has (hopefully, finally) changed over time, so we decided to recreate this iconic image with a more suitable approach.

three flowers were chosen to represent each woman; a rose, a protea and a gladiolus.

the rose is a symbol of balance, new beginnings, and hope - it represents someone who is finding themselves, rising up and thriving.

the protea is a symbol of strength in diversity and transformation across cultures. a flower full of substance with a real backbone.

the gladiolus is a symbol of moral integrity and strength of character. a flower whose petals are soft, subtly flowing from its strong stem.

a pattern was created from each of these flowers and given to the corresponding muse. we then made a pattern uniting all three flowers and muses, which was hand-painted on the wall to serve as the backdrop for our modern interpretation of “The Three Graces.”

Photographer of our muses: Sarah White
Muses: Mixie D (rose), Sophia Eris (gladiolus) + Tricia Heuring (protea) 

"chandytown" by jennifer jorgensen

i love dining. 

this is something that i have said over and over in my life - it usually gets a big laugh mixed with a few “you’re so high maintenance” side-eyes thrown in my direction.

that being said, it’s totally true.  sitting around a dinner table with the loves of my life, laughing and drinking is attached to most of the memories i hold dearest to my heart and label as “favorites.”

as a result, my dining room holds energy from all sorts of engagements - the best and the worst.

for a long time, i was obsessed with hanging onto all of these memories.  i wanted to keep all those memories alive, even if they weren’t bringing anything positive to my life.  this functional space became a haven for moments i claimed to no longer care about - yet, when i was passing through, i felt the tingly tangles and i secretly loved it.

one day, i got over it.  who knows why - but, out of nowhere i took the painting off the wall that i claimed was giving me strength and stared at my bare white walls.  it felt better.  i spent the day working away at my dining room table, feeling all hyper and motivated and full of emotions.

kate “the tot” worum inevitably got a call a few hours later : “kate, i want to do my dining room.”

being the supportive, positive gal she is, she said, “let’s do it.”

now, what to paint??  i wanted something feminine, something fun - something celebratory.

so, chandeliers it was.

dinner parties are better than ever on blaisdell - stop on over for some bonding.

"battington lashes" by jennifer jorgensen

the two of us obviously love art and design - which makes this company a perfect fit for the both of us.  that being said, what we have found to be an even brighter component of She She is meeting and connecting with our inspiring clients.

Sirine Swed, founder of Battington Lashes is inspiring to say the least.  she gave up her corporate career to follow a dream.  she had an idea, which she turned into a lifestyle and her company was born.  She’s beautiful and kind and hustles ALL DAY LONG.

thank you for the opportunity to work with you, Sirine - we are so lucky to call you one of our friends.


"purple llama coffee & records" by jennifer jorgensen

there was once a llama, described by most as a down to earth guy with a passion for coffee and music.  he had a very special purpose in life : to bring the finest coffee beans to the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

the llama walked across many deserts with Neil Young playing in his ear buds for inspiration to persevere and continue to an unknown land called Chicago.

he primarily listened to the magical album that is “Zuma" to keep him moving.  as he roamed, he met many cacti whom he taught about his magical beans.  the cacti became huge fans of his magical coffee, but who wouldn’t once they tried the pour over that was being offered.  

the llama also ran into an eagle, Randall, who became such a huge fan of his pour-over offering that he immediately took flight to share this magical, new drink with his friends.  as he took flight, a bit of coffee spilled from the cup and turned into a new album which started spinning on a record player that appeared out of nowhere in the sand.

the album was “On the Beach” and with this new album in the llama’s ears, he had the strength to fulfill his purpose and eventually made it all the way to Chicago, so that the people of Wicker Park could be at peace, sleep well at night, and wake up to coffee every morning made with his magical beans at Purple Llama Coffee & Records.

"paco y maria" by jennifer jorgensen

while on an inspiration trip in san francisco ideating about this new design, there was a constant conversation about what we wanted to put out into the world, what we were ready to get back from the world and where we were at in our lives.  

2016 was pretty brutal for us, in all sorts of ways.  when we asked what we wanted more of in 2017, the one resounding answer was love.  over and over, it came back to love.

were we ready to receive it?  were we ready to give it? will someone want it from us?  do we see and feel love in everything because we are so lovesick or is it because we are finally free and able to feel something real? or, are we just totally insane??

we took photos of things we were drawn to just like we do everywhere we go.  yet, this time when we compiled them all together and started looking into what they were, we found that most of them had something to do with togetherness and love.

legend has it that, if you can blow all the seeds off a dandelion with a single breath, then the person you love will love you back.  we sprinkled dandelions throughout the wall in honor of our new wild parrot friends, Paco + Maria. Paco is so in love with Maria, while Maria likes her independence.  they are certainly lovebirds and making the most of ending up in san francisco together. the sweet bumblebees remind us to work hard and that more gets accomplished when you work together.

the flora and fauna of the city was dreamy to two minnesota girls who had just left an early winter.  so, the poppies and moody trees filled us with a sense of warmth we hadn't felt in a while and we couldn't get enough of them.

everyone we were with on our trip was gifted a bud vase from heath ceramics, and we filled them with rose quartz after realizing that it symbolizes unconditional love.

hey world, we're ready for some love.  we think.

"on a pony she named wildfire" by jennifer jorgensen

"on a pony she named wildfire" is based on a trip we took "up north" to crosslake, mn.

we were both fresh out of relationships; completely out of our minds attempting to move on with life without the loves of our lives.  

jennifer was going up to what was her cabin, one last time to move out all of her belongings.  kate came for moral support and fun.

after a two and a half hour car ride full of venting and crying, we walked into the cabin to find jenny's face covered in the pictures that hung on the wall shining light on an ideal life that never was.

while at the cabin, michael murphey's, blue sky night thunder vinyl was on repeat with an occasional "i wanna dance with somebody" interlude when emotions were at a high.  after all, whitney is almost always needed in times like these.

"wildfire" was played more frequently than anything else on michael murphey's record.  it had that perfect blend of weird lyrics and emotion that we were needing that weekend.

"She comes down yellow mountain on a dark flat land she rides
On a pony she named Wildfire
With a whirlwind by her side"

this toile is created based on our experiences at the cabin, as well as what we learned about each other and ourselves while in the woods.

sure, we skinny dipped and nearly sunk the boat, but the weekend truly wasn't about being sad and moving out.  it was about moving on and finding the most graceful way to start our new lives. 

the weekend was about two women continually lifting each other up when we couldn't lift ourselves and feeling wholly accepted by the other regardless of what crazy statement came out of the other's mouth or what late night excursion had to be had to get through the next few moments of life.  we said yes to everything and filled each other full of love.

we like to look at this toile as a reminder that the worst things in life, often turn out to be the best for you, and that lifting someone up is always better than pushing someone down.