"paco y maria"

while on an inspiration trip in san francisco ideating about this new design, there was a constant conversation about what we wanted to put out into the world, what we were ready to get back from the world and where we were at in our lives.  

2016 was pretty brutal for us, in all sorts of ways.  when we asked what we wanted more of in 2017, the one resounding answer was love.  over and over, it came back to love.

were we ready to receive it?  were we ready to give it? will someone want it from us?  do we see and feel love in everything because we are so lovesick or is it because we are finally free and able to feel something real? or, are we just totally insane??

we took photos of things we were drawn to just like we do everywhere we go.  yet, this time when we compiled them all together and started looking into what they were, we found that most of them had something to do with togetherness and love.

legend has it that, if you can blow all the seeds off a dandelion with a single breath, then the person you love will love you back.  we sprinkled dandelions throughout the wall in honor of our new wild parrot friends, Paco + Maria. Paco is so in love with Maria, while Maria likes her independence.  they are certainly lovebirds and making the most of ending up in san francisco together. the sweet bumblebees remind us to work hard and that more gets accomplished when you work together.

the flora and fauna of the city was dreamy to two minnesota girls who had just left an early winter.  so, the poppies and moody trees filled us with a sense of warmth we hadn't felt in a while and we couldn't get enough of them.

everyone we were with on our trip was gifted a bud vase from heath ceramics, and we filled them with rose quartz after realizing that it symbolizes unconditional love.

hey world, we're ready for some love.  we think.

jennifer jorgensen