"ditch.gallery" / by jennifer jorgensen

it seems that everywhere we look right now, there is a source of discomfort and struggle.  the last thing that we want to do in a time of instability is to ignore the problem, so in an attempt to  bring a smile to everyone’s face as the end of summer nears, we have designed a wallpaper collection that while lively and fun on the outside, is a modern reflection of the Summer of Love, acknowledging what our country was and still is experiencing in its current climate.

the Summer of Love was in 1967.  this was FIFTY years ago.  half a century.

somehow we are still fighting the same fights, fifty years later.  that’s crazy.

the 60’s and 70's produced piles of beautiful imagery which were a result of the turmoil and passion that was created via the protests and emotional upheaval felt by a large population of Americans reacting to their desire for equality and the eradication of oppression.

hey, 2017, let’s all warm up to each other - welcome different styles, different colors; accept different religions, different races; acknowledge that despite our differences we are all capable of creating something greater together.