"purple llama coffee & records"

there was once a llama, described by most as a down to earth guy with a passion for coffee and music.  he had a very special purpose in life : to bring the finest coffee beans to the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

the llama walked across many deserts with Neil Young playing in his ear buds for inspiration to persevere and continue to an unknown land called Chicago.

he primarily listened to the magical album that is “Zuma" to keep him moving.  as he roamed, he met many cacti whom he taught about his magical beans.  the cacti became huge fans of his magical coffee, but who wouldn’t once they tried the pour over that was being offered.  

the llama also ran into an eagle, Randall, who became such a huge fan of his pour-over offering that he immediately took flight to share this magical, new drink with his friends.  as he took flight, a bit of coffee spilled from the cup and turned into a new album which started spinning on a record player that appeared out of nowhere in the sand.

the album was “On the Beach” and with this new album in the llama’s ears, he had the strength to fulfill his purpose and eventually made it all the way to Chicago, so that the people of Wicker Park could be at peace, sleep well at night, and wake up to coffee every morning made with his magical beans at Purple Llama Coffee & Records.

jennifer jorgensen