"black magik woman III"

we couldn't wait to produce some art with Sarah White, a local photographer and renaissance woman, when we were paired with her for the third annual Black Magik Woman art show.

historically, “The Three Graces” has been a symbol of grace, charm & beauty. three words that historically, a “woman” should hope to embody in life. “the three graces” was commonly depicted by artistic masters such as Raphael, Antonio Canova, Rubens + Botticelli.

when we asked our intelligent, successful muses what words they would use to describe themselves, none of these words came up. instead, the words that appeared included: free, strong, independent, flow, rising, thriving...

these words came as no surprise to us as these are the words that would commonly pop into our mind to describe them as well as ourselves.

the idea of what women should be as well as what they strive to be has (hopefully, finally) changed over time, so we decided to recreate this iconic image with a more suitable approach.

three flowers were chosen to represent each woman; a rose, a protea and a gladiolus.

the rose is a symbol of balance, new beginnings, and hope - it represents someone who is finding themselves, rising up and thriving.

the protea is a symbol of strength in diversity and transformation across cultures. a flower full of substance with a real backbone.

the gladiolus is a symbol of moral integrity and strength of character. a flower whose petals are soft, subtly flowing from its strong stem.

a pattern was created from each of these flowers and given to the corresponding muse. we then made a pattern uniting all three flowers and muses, which was hand-painted on the wall to serve as the backdrop for our modern interpretation of “The Three Graces.”

Photographer of our muses: Sarah White
Muses: Mixie D (rose), Sophia Eris (gladiolus) + Tricia Heuring (protea) 

jennifer jorgensen