two more lady bosses got added to our list of inspiring clients this past week.  marlo and angie of Paikka turned an old, industrial space into one of the most on-trend and desired event spaces in the twin cities.  these two modern and ambitious ladies put their trust in us and let us have fun creating their pattern with hardly any direction - we loved it and love them for it. 

the pattern was meant to be imperfect and casual, with a hint of unique mark-making.  we took this idea and ran straight to MCAD to start our “bonding while mono-printing” adventure.  mono-printing is one of those time consuming, yet addicting arts.  all of a sudden your playlist runs out and you realize you have been preparing the same pattern for two hours and you have no idea how the time passed so quickly.

Paikka’s laid back attitude surrounding their commissioned artwork translates directly to the way their business functions.  they made sure that Paikka could adapt to any type of event by putting everything in the space on wheels.  we painted their movable office pod, that acts as a backdrop for photographs, but opens up so that Marlo + Angie can have a quiet space to work during events, as well as get out of the way of the epic parties going on right outside their door.

the Paikka space feels like a calm little respite but is also exciting and bursting with energy - you really want to hang out in the space.  it’s so great!  we would know, we spent a few hours there (wink, wink).  


jennifer jorgensen