"the bluebird group"

The Bluebird Group is self described as being “fanatical about innovative products that can change how consumers live their life, and about helping customers experience the very best of them.”

being the first thing their clients will see when walking into their office, this custom wallpaper needed to embody all of these characteristics and more.

they are certainly everything they say they are, but something that they don’t mention is the energy that you feel in every meeting with them.  they’re really, really fun.

let me paint you a picture, we’re all standing around their kitchen island.  we’re bouncing ideas off of each other, drinking our LaCroix (their fridge is always stocked), and someone flies into the kitchen on an electric hoverboard (probably to grab their own LaCroix)  - no one from The Bluebird Group bats an eye - it’s just another relaxed meeting in the kitchen, and they’ve got a lot to do, so they have to do what they can to get back to their desk swiftly.

they’re always smiling and cracking jokes while slaying their game.  it’s infectious and we wanted to make sure everyone (including their own humble, northern personalities) knew how great we believe them to be.

thus, the northern - chinoiserie Bluebird Group pattern was born. it’s bright and bold, but depicts simple, pastoral scenes from their northern roots - evoking an energy representative of the innovative products they represent, their employees and their clients.

jennifer jorgensen