"delta faucet"

two minnesota gals got tasked to create a collection of patterns revolving around water, a bustling city and design - it turns out that we grew up with lakes everywhere we looked, are constantly looking to jet out of our own adorable city to ones that are much more bustling and both happen to have created lives for ourselves that revolve around all things design.  

Delta Faucet, it was a match made in heaven.

two new product lines were being launched, so we analyzed the design of the faucets and fixtures as well as the patterns that flowing water creates.  we then set these ideas in the Chicago landscape to ground and bind the patterns together to create a cohesive collection.

once all of the patterns were created we hopped on a fight to Chicago to make about twenty new friends and talk architecture and design for the weekend.  

our new friends were influencers from all over the country who were there to learn about the new product launch.  they were tasked to create a mood-board out of the photos they took while touring Chicago accented by our collection of patterns.  the winning mood-board would win a remodel in the room of their choice, including the new fixtures as well as our patterns!

it turns out, they couldn’t choose just one, so, Dabito of Old Brand New and Kim + Scott of Yellow Brick Home ended up with new spaces filled with SheShe in addition to Delta using our pattern based off of the Marina City Building in their marketing for the launch.

seeing the lives of these patterns become a reality was a dream come true as was the entire design and presentation experience.  

Delta Faucet, we can’t wait to work with you again! xx.

jennifer jorgensen