"dried flora"

the fun-loving and real Skorich family of the Minikahda Vista neighborhood, let us invade their home until the wee hours of the morning for a few nights earlier this Winter to put the finishing touch on their whole-house remodel they worked on with Christian Dean Architecture.  

the idea came to them when (pre-remodel) their two adorable sons decided to take their markers to the wall in the kitchen to create their own wallpaper.  after living with their creation for a while, they realized that while they weren’t desiring the work of their adorable scribble monsters, they did like the idea of a more thought-out line work installation.

what cool parents, right?  additionally, in case you were still on the fence about the cool factor intensity of this pair, i have a story for you.  one night while we were painting until around midnight, they stayed up with us in the kitchen chatting and making art of their own.  our clients don’t usually craft with us, so we loved it - they were hand making Halloween costumes for their kiddos, a cute little date night in their kitchen.  what were the costumes you ask?  

they were toilets.  

their kids wanted to be toilets for Halloween and when they couldn’t find the costumes, they created their own - they were probably the best costumes that I have ever seen. just amazing.

anyway, we kept it simple with black and white line-work to compliment the modern aesthetic of their newly created remodel and added a few green accent colors for a touch of whimsy and warmth while maintaining a natural, subtle aesthetic.

the design was also installed in the front mudroom to the right of the front door tying the spaces together and creating unity throughout the house.  we love it and we love them!

jennifer jorgensen