"marvin windows"

we couldn't have fallen more in love with our latest client, Marvin Windows.  

you know how you frequently hear the phrase, "family run business" and it goes in one ear and out the other?  well, marvin windows actually is a family run business (for real) and as far as the people who don't come with the marvin name?  well, you wouldn't know it because they are treated and treat everyone as if they are in fact family.  

they have maintained the ideals that the company was founded on to this day and when you talk to them you can feel how much their history means to them, so their custom pattern easily poured out of us.  in 1968, they coined the phrase ”built for northern winters and southern charm,” based off the idea that “you cannot have a yellow rose flourishing without an ideal environment and that the wood and insulating glass of Marvin Windows would be able to provide just that ‘perfect environment’ that the yellow rose needed.”

now, blend that with some of the sweetest people you've ever met and the gift of creative freedom and you've got yourself the perfect client :)

jennifer jorgensen