"calla lily" / by jennifer jorgensen

Glinda the Good Witch once said, “you had the power all along my dear.”  wise words.

Fall has arrived and while cliché, new seasons always tend to literally bring new ways of thought.

we were tasked by the talented hustling women at Wit & Delight to create a pattern for the launch of Sherwin Williams’ new color line.  without any discussion the first idea that poured out of both of us was that this pattern was going to be about waking up to change.  change in the most thrilled way; happiness about moving forward and owning wherever you are at in your life.  maybe it was fall, maybe it was moodiness, but we were both all in on this point.

the more we chatted through the design, we decided that since the passion was there, it needed to be hand-painted, which quickly spun into finding a wall, which then brought us back to our second install, Paco Y Maria.  

we designed and painted that wall when we were in completely different phases of our life.  that wallpaper was supposed to bring us our next great loves - Paco and Maria were going to team up and send all the good men our way and we were going to ride off into the sunset.

it glaringly hit us in the face that we had outgrown that phase of life, yes - we both found new loves but they’ve come and gone, and miraculously, we weren’t left loveless - we both had love left because as it turns out, those smart little parrots,  Paco and Maria actually brought us love for ourselves.

both of us having a bit of flair for the dramatic decided that our second and beloved install should be re-born into something that makes more sense for us in the present - so, out came the primer and the bright blue wall full of birds and all things San Francisco is now forever hidden under an omniscient layer of bright, pure white.  that feel good pain of when someone pulls your hair, but you secretly like it washed over us and there was no turning back.

cue, “Calla Lily.”

calla lilies are symbols of rebirth and resurrection and due to the fact that they kind of look like a trumpet, they also somehow represent triumph.  so, the calla lilies got mixed into soft, but powerful feminine figures creating a pattern that is peaceful, cozy, and fulfilled - possibly the best trio of words ever.

the simple yet sophisticated line-work and color ways were derived from travels to the Southwest and Morocco - the vibe we were going for was, you know, a little disheveled and dusty but so pretty you don’t even notice.

our stylish pal Stef brought a bunch of her hand-picked goods over from her company Arden Trading Co. to style’er up for the photoshoot and voila!  we had a new bedroom, a new pattern and a new outlook for Fall.