The Mayhew

“Joel + Amy weren't looking for a rental property or a new business but, hey - there's no time like the present.”


Oh, the Mayhew.  We couldn’t have asked for a better first hotel.  We were having a check-in with each other about our upcoming goals one day and we were both really excited about painting a boutique hotel - we talked about how we could realistically try to make this happen in the coming year for about thirty minutes and then we moved on.  A few weeks later, Joel & + Amy emailed us giving us exactly what we wanted - control over every room in a boutique hotel. We drove up to Grand Marais for New Year’s Eve that year to check out the space - but what ensued was one of the best weekends of the year spent with our new friends.  Let us tell you a little bit about Joel + Amy. Every year, they would make the hike from the Twin Cities up to Grand Marais and on one of their visits they stumbled across “The Artist Loft” vacation rental, right in the heart of downtown and it was love at first sight. Coincidentally, the owner who lived with his family on the top floor and operated his photography studio and jewelry store on the ground level had just decided to sell the property after 40 years of ownership.

Joel + Amy weren't looking for a rental property or a new business but, hey - there's no time like the present.  They closed on the property in 2015 and renovated the ground level into The Storefront, a two bedroom rental. This project kept them creatively satisfied for two years.

Then, in 2017 they decided they wanted to add a rooftop deck and spiral staircase so that their guests were able to enjoy the best view of Grand Marais Harbor.  In typical, impassioned Saint-John fashion, this quickly spun into an additional three, 1-bedroom units appropriately named The Fur Trader, The Rococo Room, and The Plaid Cabin, as well as the spectacular Thunderbird - a two-story unit with private decks, fireplace, and views of Lake Superior and The Mayhew was officially born… and then they trusted us to install our art in every single one of their spaces allowing us so many trips to the North Shore, we’ve officially become Grand Marais locals.