The Julia

"Julia Wears The Pants”

There are certain projects out there where all the pieces and people involved with it just  make sense - that was what being on the team behind The Julia was like for us. Our first meeting was first thing in the morning but we all clicked to the point that we were cry laughing and talking over each other.

Julia, is Owner, Curt Gunsbury’s grandmother.  So, you know - we thought that was cute. But, then - he started telling us her story.  He described her as a bohemian trail-blazer who grew up in Pittsburgh who ended up working at an advertising firm focused on jingles for commericals, she was also the secretary to the head of the navy in WWII - then he pulled out photos of her and there were all these pictures of her kissing cowboys (different ones, not the same one) and skinny dipping with “friends.”  So, basically - she should have been the third partner in She She AND she probably would have been the one of us living in NE Minneapolis. So, the Julia made sense to us - we completely got what they were going for. We filled our classic toile pattern with the perfect blend of NE Minneapolis history + culture with illustrations of Julia’s antics - it turned out looking like it could be telling the story of someone’s memories from the neighborhood of this past weekend and we loved it.  

Julia leaves us inspired to do what we want and to do it well regardless of anyone’s opinion.